The Bindi family has always taken particular care in the production of its extra-virgin olive oil. Olive oil is one of the cornerstones of food thanks to its organoleptic properties, its ability to offer fragrance and flavor to food, and its nutritive value.

The La Romita olive groves are located in the Montisi hills south of Siena. The hills are about 400 meters above sea level far from the Mediterranean sea. We have olive trees in three areas. There are 442 trees near Antica Fattoria La Romita, 729 in an area called Poggiosecco, and 1,102 in La Cella. The olive types include "Frantoio," "Leccino," and "Correggiolo." Olives are picked in early November in the traditional manual way called brucatura a mano. The olives harvest is ground in the evening in our modern mill. Filtration takes place by natural decantation in the following months and the oil is conserved in stainless steel containers in a dark room.

The chemical organoleptic features of La Romita olive oil are excellent: low oleic acidity (0,15 0,30%), peroxide index from 3.6, green color tending to yellow, an intense aromatic mark with a fragrance of herbs, fruity with the delicate spicy taste of artichoke.

La Romita olive oils are used in all dishes prepared in the restaurant and bar. They are also for sale year around at the frantoio.

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